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Timothy Williams Book Two: The Infernal Shadow ~ Paperback

Timothy Williams Book Two: The Infernal Shadow ~ Paperback

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Timothy and the gang are back...

Timothy, Rupert and George return for their second year at Great Underwood Upper. Yet with Lucifer back with a vengeance and Ursula Le Rouge more determined than ever, it promises to be Timothy’s most hellish challenge to date.

A bit like Buffy the Vampire Slayer but with English accents, possessed squirrels, and apocalyptic land wars from the mists of time!

'The action starts almost immediately and keeps you anxiously turning pages until the end. The battles in the dream realm are my favourite parts of the books as they take place over a wide range of famous historical battles. The author is truly in his element bringing them vividly to life. Truly an excellent and fun read.' Amazon review

A full-on teenage adventure. Original, humorous and highly imaginative. A rip-roaring read!’ BookViral

Teenage school geek by day, Dream World warlord by night. Follow the trials and tribulations of a demon hunter in training. Crammed full of non-stop action, high-adventure, occasional wit, epic battles, angels, demons, werewolves, goblins, heroes, magic powers, dodgy haircuts, and so much more!

For lovers of war, demons and unlikely heroes!

Can Timothy and his friends save their school and themselves from a demon invasion? Will the League of Demon Hunters answer the call before it is too late? Can Timothy win the Last Battle... again? And will Timothy finally discover a way to tame his unruly hair? Find out in this all-action second instalment in the Timothy Williams saga.

Hell on Earth? Not if Timothy can help it.

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ISBN: 978-1916017733 Pages: 383

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