Welcome to my store and thanks for supporting an indie author!

Hello there. My name is Iestyn (pronounced yes-tin, if you’re wondering). I write fantasy fiction. Expect adventure, monsters, magic swords, dark humour and epic battles! I’ve made some big changes. Firstly, readers can now buy my books direct. Yay! And secondly, I’ve opened an online shop! Double yay!


Demon Hunter Supplies:

Self-publishing doesn’t pay the bills, so I’m diversifying. DHS sells mugs, art, notebooks, phone cases, and more―including books, of course! It’s not all demon-hunter-related. There’s something for everyone. Don’t be shy. Take a look and fill a virtual basket. Who doesn’t need another twenty mugs? 
I’ve partnered with Inkthreadable, a UK-based business that prides itself on being as environmentally friendly as possible, and Prodigi, which also offers a range of eco products. The merch will be constantly updated throughout the year, so watch out for new stuff! You place an order, and they print and ship it to your door. PLEASE be patient! DHS is not Amazon Prime. And think before you buy. As it’s print-to-order, we can only offer refunds for damaged goods. Thanks!

EBooks & Audiobooks:

Please visit Amazon UK or Amazon USA!


Print Books:

Demon Hunter Books has teamed up with Bookvault. They’re an eco-friendly print company based in Peterborough. If you live outside our green and pleasant land, don’t worry, my books are available from Amazon and all the usual suspects.
After a revamp in and out, The Black Knight and the first two Timothy Williams novels―Demon Hunter & The Infernal Shadow―are ready to go. Over the coming months, my other titles will also receive a similar makeover. I’ll add them to the site as each is completed. And watch out for new stuff coming this Christmas!


Check out Demon Hunter Books: demon-hunter.co.uk