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Timothy Williams Book One: Demon Hunter ~ Paperback

Timothy Williams Book One: Demon Hunter ~ Paperback

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Begin the Timothy Williams Saga...

Teenage school geek by day, Dream World warlord by night. Follow the trials and tribulations of a demon hunter in training as Timothy and his friends attempt to save the world while studying for their exams.

'A brilliant storyline and excellent characterisation help bring to life the all-action battle scenes, the pace of which compels the reader to turn the page.'

'Great story full of adventure, excitement and humour!'

'The stakes are high, the supporting players are from on high, and there's magic and demons, and historical battles... a brilliant novel and well worth your time. It's billed as YA and features kids, but sometimes labels can be deceiving. This one can, and should, be enjoyed by anyone, say, 11 years old to 111 years old.'

'Great read for lovers of Pratchett.'

'Harry Potter with an angelic flair!'

'War, geeks & preventing the apocalypse!'

Blood-thirsty battles, monstrous demons, dodgy haircuts and enough possessed wildlife to fill a Satanic zoo! Join Timothy, Rupert, and George in their desperate fight to stop the Devil. For lovers of war, demons & unlikely heroes.

Hell on Earth? Not if Timothy can help it.

Find out why readers are calling Demon Hunter ‘A full-on teenage adventure. Original, humorous and highly imaginative. A rip-roaring read!’ BookViral

PG-13. Advisory note: this book contains moderate battle gore, occasional blasphemous language and naked zombies.

The Blurb

When Timothy’s school becomes the subject of a demon takeover, he and his two friends, Rupert and George, must unmask their foe. Timothy is forced into a battle for survival, not only in the real world but in his very dreams, where he must fight his nemesis to prevent Hell on Earth.

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ISBN: 978-1916017702 Pages: 389

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