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Cheerleaders V Zombies Colouring Book

Cheerleaders V Zombies Colouring Book

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Cheerleaders V Zombies Colouring Book!

From the warped imagination of fantasy author Iestyn Long comes a grim collection of colouring pages ideally suited for twisted teens and deranged grownups!

Packed with hideous flesh-eating zombies and beautiful gun-toting, baseball bat-wielding, kick-ass women, 
Zombies v Cheerleaders is a must for those seeking a unique colouring experience. Waiting inside are 40 single-sided illustrations presented on striking black backgrounds, ready to be coloured to your liking.

The perfect gift for comedy horror lovers!

  • Paperback
  • 8.5" x 11"
  • 40 zombie and cheerleader images
  • Delightfully silly
What are you waiting for? Grab your coloured pencils and prepare to face the ravenous undead!

More Colouring books coming soon!


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